Awareness on the Condition of the Planet

People have always been thankful to all the blessings that God had given them like the food they eat and the happiness they had felt. One of the happiest moments of each and everyone is to be with their families having a picnic or a vacation. It is really great to have a picnic at the top of the mountain where you can see the beautiful view of the houses and beach afar. Smelling the fresh air at the top keeps you feel so comfortable and stress-free. But what we should also think about is can our future children experience these amazing creations of the Almighty?
This question should be considered as we see the true condition of our planet which is suffering from disasters. Harmful effects as well of the humans’ mistakes can also be experienced like oil spills, air pollution, water pollution and flash floods. These have been destroying communities around the world and results to massive deaths of humans particularly of children. We had only realized the problem of our nature after seeing these crucial effects not only in our environment but to all living things.
Non-profit organizations have been cooperating now with the government to help in the remediation projects voluntarily. Many have been volunteers in this good cause and this should also serve as a guide to us that we can do more to change this world into a better one. We can actually help starting with the little things in our homes like proper disposal of garbage. We can even help by using recyclable materials instead of non-biodegradable ones. These things may be simple yet effective in cleaning our surroundings.
We should know that our sources of food and water are now lessening because of the great damages our mistakes caused in our environment. Most of our kids are now suffering from epidemic illnesses and malnutrition because of lack of potable water and healthy food supplies. Our mountains are even bald now because of illegal logging activities which caused great harm to all living things. Even the animals have suffer as well as their source of food, water and shelter are destroyed. All of this should serve as our basis of how our environment badly needs our help.
We can even join voluntarily in some non-profit organizations that provides necessary environmental services all over the world. The main goal should be to bring back the beauty of our environment and retain the healthy sources of potable water, food and living like farming and fishing. We should also obey the proper rules in utilizing the gifts of nature and take good care of it as well. As to mountains, we should plant new trees to bring back the green mountains as well as to prevent flash floods.

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