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About Contractor

Painting a Multidimensional Job

Painting and plastering is important to the look of a home. A good paint job raises the value of the home or business. One thing that many people must understand is that painting is more than just stroking the brush to cover areas on a wall. It’s much more than …

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What is a Contractor

Branding and Marketing Tips for 8(a) Government Contractors

When you are an 8(a) certified small business your options for generating business consists of securing a prime vendor contract, and/or partnering with other organizations as a sub-contractor. So, how do you show up on the radar of government decision makers? How do you get the attention of other contractors? …

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Contractor Definition

How to Identify a Qualified Plumber

Choosing a good plumber isn’t overly complicated process, but unless you know one really well, you should take a few facts into account before making your choice:
Always negotiate the price beforehand: a plumber that has been in business for a while and knows his trade well should have no …