How Can Tradespeople and Service Providers Survive and Thrive in Challenging Economic Times

These are challenging economic times and there’s a lot of uncertainty around as thousands if not millions of people are affected by the collapse of finance companies.
With rising unemployment and credit hard to obtain due to banks risk aversion, many existing homeowners are discouraged to spend money on their homes or properties. To make matters worse, numerous homeowners have had to delay their plans on buying newer houses and instead forced to stay put and only renovate or add on to their existing home only if they really need to.
On a brighter note,maintenance work still needs be carried out to at least maintain the value of their properties, regardless of the state of the economy and this is where the opportunity in times like these lie. Furthermore, growing family needs also necessitate homes to be renovated or remodelled to add that additional room for a baby or a growing teenager, grandparents coming home to stay or to add value by creating and renting out that additional room.
Now is the time to prepare yourself to survive or even do better in this tougher economic climate.
Tough times are times that allow you to sharpen your act and force you to focus on what you do best.
The things you can do to achieve this includes:
A� Plan ahead by working smarter not harder
A� Focus your resources and energy on your core strengths. This is what is going to make you stand out among the rest and get you the work.
. Improve on how you engage your employees and increase individual productivity. Such as help everyone- owners of businesses and staff alike to think like business owners. This way, the same vision, goals and interests are shared and drive will be common
A� Improve financial controls, stock controls, and debtor controls. This will help with cashflow and help you identify potential problems early
A� Refine your marketing to focus on compelling those you’ve identified as your core target customers
A� Suitably realign your business to target home improvement and maintenance work to help sustain the cashflow.
. Seek out alternative methods of getting Home Improvement, Maintenance and Renovation work. These include online lead sources which automatically generate leads for you, having a website done up then listing your business in online directories. Online exposure tends to be the most cost effective compared to other forms of advertising.

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