Important Things to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is as fantastic an idea to have and also it’s one of confusing and time taking process to buy or construct. With concrete pools going out of fashion for obvious reasons, fibreglass pools are catching the imagination with lots of options which also make them confusing to choose.
A Brief about Fibreglass Pools
Fibreglass pools are ideal for long term usage, thanks to their flexible yet rugged construction using top quality glass wool, resins and gels to make them endurable to even earthquake shocks. The entire thing and the rigid framework can be set up within a week or less depending size/shape and site conditions. Since the pool design incorporates smooth gel coating for surface finishing, they are non abrasive and leak proof as there are no seams.
Things to Check before Buying Fibreglass Pools
Check these points to make sure your money is not wasted.

Reputation of the manufacturer and pool contractors. Make sure, they have been in business for some time.

Check whether the pools have BSA license and that applies to all their models

Decide on the size that can be accommodated without compromising on freedom of movement. Remember the thumb rule – “not much space- no freedom- frustrations”

Make sure your pool contractors are reputed for good follow-up service

Check what all are included in the quoted price. Make sure that the final invoice doesn’t shock you with hidden costs.

Check whether council fees are included. Council fees must be paid in order to use your pool

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Decide on the extra fittings, features, lights and their make etc before hand. Certain features either can’t be changed or incorporated after the fool is installed.

It’s wise to involve your family/friends and your pool contractors in each step. It also pays richly to visit a few previous installations of your pool contractors.