Licensed Contractors – What to Look For in a Good Contractor

Construction RI – when a pipe leaks, windows don’t shut right, siding is peeling, water or fire damage has occurred or one simply needs an addition or is looking for basement remodeling ideas – where to start and who to ask?
Should you just go with the handy guy next door, who won’t charge overly much? Or should you attempt such a project yourself? Well, apart from the necessary knowledge and abilities, who’s got the time nowadays? And even if the guy next door is really nice and seems to know what he’s doing; is his work insured and will it be up to code?
So you start thinking about hiring certified contractors, and you ask yourself what to look for in a good contractor:
1. Well, first of all, a good RI contractor will be registered and insured, which you always should make sure is the case.
2. A good RI contractor will have experience, and lots of it. They will have proof to show you.
3. You want your project done in a timely manner and not having to deal with someone who comes on and off as they please, while your home is turned into a live-in construction site.
4. You are most likely also looking for fair prices. With the economy being what it is, you want to make sure you get good quality work done, so you won’t have to deal with that project again for many years to come, and you want it at a fair price.
5. Let’s say you need to remodel your entire home: new windows and doors, plumbing, electrical work, cabinetry, bathrooms, roofing, maybe a deck, addition or an all-season room, siding, painting.
Now imagine having to hire different RI contractors for each of these jobs. All the people you’d have to deal with, and the cost of it all would probably break the bank, if you’d have to hire individual RI contractors for that many projects.
So what you really want is ONE construction RI company to deal with all of your construction and remodeling needs; one coordinator to talk to, one bill to deal with, many jobs well done.
6. Wouldn’t you also love if this ONE company had a 24 hour service for cases like board ups, window repair, door repair, fire restorations, floods, water clean up, electric repairs, broken pipes, heating problems, roof leaks, plumbing problems; someone who already has your trust and you’d feel comfortable to call any time day or night for help when needed?
7. You definitely want an RI contractor who’ll build everything to code, getting it right the first time, so you’ll never have problems with insurance claims, should something ever happen, or having to re-do a project because it didn’t pass inspection; in short to save yourself a lot of headache, heartache, time and money.
To sum it all up, you are looking for a RI contractor and/or RI construction company that take their work and reputation seriously, since such an attitude leads to happy customers, namely you, and to repeat customers. Since once you’ve found such a trustworthy RI contractor, you won’t let them go again and keep them in mind for every indoor or outdoor project you might have for your home or business.

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