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Who is a Contractor

Simple Ideas on Home Renovations

You want to transform the living room, spruce up the dining area, renovate your kitchen and refurbish your bathrooms but the clock is ticking away and time is the last thing on your hands? Don’t freak out. The biggest challenge in home renovations is lack of time. In addition to …

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Contractor Connection

Paint Contractors and Pricing Jobs

What does the American Medical Association have to do with painting contractors? Do you think of the AMA as a labor union or a price fixing group? The AMA is both. It is not some holier than thou organization, although doctors would have us believe this. It was originally created …

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Contractors Direct

Qdos Contractor Insurance

Qdos are a popular, recommended and highly reputable provider of quality insurance products and are renowned expert advisors to UK contractors. Covering a vast array of business sectors from IT contractors to Oil and Gas workers, Qdos Contractor?�s popular choice of contractor policies are designed specifically with contractors in mind …

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Contractors Plan

Kitchen Remodeling

The holidays are just around the corner. In barely a month, you’ll be with people that you care about and love to celebrate the season of Christmas. What better way to welcome your children and grand children to your home is to have a kitchen remodeling project? If you are …