Painting Your Kitchen

There is no doubt about the fact that kitchens of today are becoming more and more important areas of any house. Spending many hours in your kitchen is very common these days. Decorating your kitchen is something that wasn’t given much importance in earlier days. But, now many people are taking interest in making the necessary changes so that their kitchen looks unique. A kitchen should fill you with high spirits every time you enter it and should soothe your senses as well. And this can be done if you are ready to paint your kitchen using various kitchen painting ideas.
To start off you need to take a good look at your existing paint and analyze its composition. Because if by any chance your present paint is oil-based, then you need to apply on it a latex primer which is highly adhesive before you go for any other latex-based paints. With all the advancements in technology today, there is no need anymore to go for oil-based paints in your kitchen and hence you should choose washable latex paints.
Also check out for any scratches or holes in your walls, and fix them up by filling and sanding them before you apply the paint. If there is presence of mold on your walls, use bleach and water solution or any other anti-fungus cleanser to remove them completely. It is very important that you remove all the handles and other hardware from your cabinetry before you apply the first coat of paint.
As most kitchens are subjected to a lot of grease and dirt, the paint that you choose needs to be waterproof and resistant to stains. For kitchens like these, semi-gloss and gloss paints are advocated because they are durable as well as possess a shiny coating.
If you want your paint-job to last a long period of time, it is absolutely essential to prime the painting areas. Start by cleaning all the surfaces and then sand them lightly to guarantee good adhesion. Then choose the primer that’s suitable for your walls because all primers are not the same. Super-adherent primers that mitigate covering of previous enamels or varnishes are worth checking out.
If there are too many stains on your existing paint, then you can look into stain-blocking primers which cover up the existing stains. Primers are also available which cover iron or steel, which possess certain special anti-rust features.
When you are looking for colors for your kitchen you should choose those which can create a cheerful atmosphere or which stimulate the appetite. Colors like light yellow, lemon green, peach or even brownish-red are the ideal choices. And if you have more number of white appliances in your kitchen, you can go for the classic white and black background.
If you want to give your kitchen a complete makeover, you should consider coloring not only the walls but also the countertops, cabinets, the backsplash and other kitchen hoods. So, by being creative and thinking outside the box you can innovatively paint your kitchens and give it the look of your choice.

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