Privatizing Government

Today, we hear how any level of American government would be far better off and less expensive if governmental services were privatized. If private businesses took over services, government would return money through saved taxes. Governments would not have to perform that exact same services. Private business would operate much better than any government. Private business’ charges to the public would be less vis-?�-vis than additional government taxes.
This concept fails in several ways. First, throughout history, most governments have had obligated duties. Elected officials were elected to oversee these services by promises made during their election campaign statements. Today’s elected officials frequently say that what they stated as being their goals during campaign claims could be done better by private enterprises. Have these elected officials first lied, or are these officials selling off services for obtaining money under the table?
Secondly, who determines those services will be better and cheaper by private businesses? Since the beginning of our country, there were certain services supplied by our military. These included feeding the troops, providing needed supplies and guarding embassies. This does not happen in Iraq today. Private companies often run food services and deliver supplies. These private contractors get contracts at far higher costs than if the military would be supplying these services themselves. That is because private contractors are operating in a war zone. This requires hiring highly paid salaried employees in order to compensate these workers for their risks. Another additional cost to our Federal Government is that the housing for these employees is far better and more expensive than what U.S. soldiers have. What is not brought out is that there is no situation where the military will have safe secure places to perform their necessary duties, other than at home bases in the United States. The whole idea of privatized military support is false, because it fails except in times of peace, when we pay for our army and train soldiers for war.
Since the United States opened its first embassy, marines guarded our embassies. The marines always were a symbol of efficiency and quality. Americans were proud of the marine guards at their embassies. Currently, the private security firm Blackwater, is a symbol of the opposite in Iraq. The firm is inefficient, uncontrollable and gun happy. This contractor’s facilities don’t seem to be up to the luxury of other contractors, but it is still better than what the U.S. troops have. Blackwater once again shows the fallacy of the concept of privatizing. What is being provided by private business is much more expensive and of far less quality.
Alexander the Great had his own troops’ engineers perform unbelievable construction in conquering the then known world. Romans also had military engineers doing unbelievable feats. Our country’s military has also performed unbelievable feats, even under fire. However, in Iraq, private contractors have yet to finish a job and/or finish it well yet the United States has spent billions.
The same goes for the current public school situation. Past governments gave too much to the unions in salaries, work benefits and tenure. Instead of correcting the conditions, they began farming out our education. Until then, education was always accepted as a governmental obligation. Public education had made the United States great. Today, charter schools are the norm. Sponsors of charter schools make profits on educating our children, great! Charter schools also pay real estate taxes and additional costs not associated with public schools. Is the education of children better per dollar or are expenses cut, such as teachers’ salaries? It has to be the mayor’s duty to oversee whatever school the city’s children go to. The responsibility should not be shuffled off to individual charter schools and their administrators.
Privatizing shows the poor quality of the officials we elect and put into office. They can’t perform; so they scheme to have a private company be between them and public dissatisfaction. Elected officials probably get under-the-table rewards. They then crow about how they cut back on their governmental budget, ignoring the fees laid on the public to pay for the compatible services.

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