Scheduling Your Household Maintenance Projects by Hiring the Best Qualified Contractors

As a homeowner, it is imperative to take care of household maintenance tasks as soon as they occur. Creating a schedule for these household maintenance tasks can help you maintain your home’s current value and protect your future equity. Depending on your schedule, you may need to a hire contractor to assist with these tasks to ensure that they get done.
When searching for a contractor, be sure to have a checklist ready of what your requirements are. You want to be clear about your expectations of the tasks to be done and always make sure projects are started with an initial written contract prior to them getting started. This can solve any issues that may come up because of assumptions that could be made. Payment terms, equipment needs, delays, and deposits should all be addressed in this contract.
There are several companies that can assist you with finding qualified contractor. My personal favorite is Service Magic. They have tons of qualified contractors listed on their site and their customers are given the opportunity to rate their projects upon completion. This gives you firsthand knowledge of the contractors’ qualifications as you consider them.
Always interview the contractors in person so you can see if you will be comfortable with this person working in your home. Have you questions prepared and take notes as you conduct your interview. Ask for references and permission to contact them (if necessary). Depending on the volume of contractor you interview, be sure to keep business cards and phone numbers so you can call the one you decide to hire. These notes can be helpful for future projects if the selected contractor doesn’t work out!

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