The Best Kitchen Design Matches the Homeowner’s Lifestyle

Someone who is planning a kitchen upgrade, or even building a new home, is going to usually have a file or a notebook full of ideas. They might have paint samples, pictures from magazines, and even preferences about the materials to be used. Because there are so many resources claiming to offer the best kitchen design options, it can often be incredibly difficult to choose such simple things as countertops, cabinetry, or even paint colors.
The first, and probably the most important, factor in the decision making process is to seriously consider the lifestyle of the homeowner(s). For example, a homeowner might have seen a magazine article where the kitchen has heavy concrete countertops and a very modernistic look. Though they might have become entirely enamored with this style, if it clashes with the rest of the home and with the general day to day life of the family who inhabits it then it is not the best kitchen design to select.
Obviously it can be difficult to give up on a style or a look if it isn’t suitable to the existing surroundings, but it is even more difficult to often let go of a fascination with certain unnecessary “extras” as well. For instance, many websites and magazine articles show the unique types of cabinetry that can make a kitchen more efficient. There are pantry drawers that can hold all kinds of foods and cooking supplies, there are special cupboards meant to hold pots, pans, and lids in an organized way, and there are even things like refrigerators concealed in the various drawers of a cabinet area too. If such options are unnecessary and difficult to fit into the existing plans it is usually a serious conflict to overcome.
It helps to use the “best kitchen design” argument in order to understand which items or choices will “work” for the space and the lifestyle of the owner. For example, the pantry cupboard is a wonderfully handy feature, but does the homeowner make a lot of food from scratch? Do they already have a strong need for pantry space? If not, it is necessary to demonstrate how the space could be put to use in a more productive and effective way.
There is no such thing as an absolutely perfect or best kitchen design, instead there is only the best choices in design for the particular needs of the homeowner.

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