What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

What is dry ice blasting and how can it help your business remain productive and ecologically compliant? Let’s investigate this new and ground breaking technology and discover the five main benefits of CO2 cleaning and sanitizing.
We all know that a clean work place is a productive work place. But how do you find time to clean your production machinery while you’re trying to meet your production quotas?
Dry ice blast cleaning is the answer!

Cleaning with dry ice is quick, efficient and does not require long periods of down time. In fact, most production machines can be cleaned in place, even while the machine is still running without dismantling and costly cool down periods.

It’s a ‘greener clean.’ Meaning that this ground-breaking cleaning process does not add any secondary contaminants to the workplace. Dry ice sublimates on contact, meaning that it literally evaporates and disappears, leaving nothing extra to clean-up. Which means your production is back on-line in no time!

Cleaning with frozen gas is safer than using corrosive solvents, acids and alkaline cleaning solutions. Dry ice is safe for the workplace, safe for your employees and safe for the environment.

Ice blasting does not damage or add wear and tear to expensive production equipment. Since the gas sublimates on contact, there is no abrasive residue to abrade metal, plastics or damage the delicate polymer components on any piece of equipment.

And finally, cleanings can be scheduled at your convenience. The cleaning process is completely self-contained and mobile, so it fits into your production schedule right when and where you need it to.

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So there you have it! Cleaning with frozen pellets of CO2 gas is quick and efficient. It adds no additional contaminants to the environment, so we can call it a ‘greener’ cleaning process.
This cleaning process is safe for your employees and their work environment. It does not damage expensive production equipment and the process is completely self-contained and mobile, keeping your facility up and running, productive and profitable.
Since this technology is fairly new, there are a limited number of competent CO2 blast cleaning contractors available. If you do find a contractor, you can rest assured that they are most likely a serious contractor and not some ‘fly by night’ charlatan. This is due to the expense of ice blasting equipment. Many of these systems cost in excess of $40,000.00 to $60,000.00.
If you are serious about hiring an ice blasting contractor, I would recommend that you check out the Cold Jet website. Cold Jet is the nation’s leading manufacturer of dry ice blasting systems and they have a very comprehensive database of qualified and highly skilled ice blasting contractors arranged by geographical area.