What You Should Know About Advertising With Timber Hoarding

The timber hoarding refers to a temporary fencing system that is most commonly used as a security measure around a construction site. Besides protecting your construction site from thieves and stray animals, this temporary fencing system can be put to another good use, advertisement. If you paid attention to the large building sites in your local area, then you probably noticed that the fences include the name and contact details of the contractor that was hired for the job. They are either made of cloth or attached to the building and the parts of the fence or they are directly painted on the fence.
If you own a business and you are renovating or building a pool in your yard for example, then you should make the best out of the timber hoarding by creating advertisement banners. In addition, fence advertisement banners can be used to announce a garage sale and to let people know that you are looking to hire someone for a specific task, like farm aid needed for instance. At the same time, if you are working with a well-established building contractor, then you can get a discount if you let him attach advertisement banner on the hoarding fence.
Unlike the regular banners that you see attached on buildings or between street light polls, the fence banners are easier to design, cheaper and all you need to do in order to attach them is to find something to pin them into the timber. As a rule of thumb, it is important that the banners you attach on the timber hoarding are no taller than the fence itself so they do not fall off if the wind blows a little harder. What is great about these advertisement banners is that you can create one to cover the entire fence and hence, you can be sure that it will not go unnoticed by pedestrians or anyone else passing by your fence.
One way you can create fence advertisement banners is to go for fence wraps, as they are very easy to attach and detach. However, if you are considering this method then you should choose a material that will not create a heavier wind load on the hoarding fence, such as the polystretch. In case you do no want to invest too much in the banners, since after all the fence is just temporarily installed, then you can opt for print cloth. The print cloth banners will require that you have a printer capable of screen-printing in order to add the image, text and colors into the cloth.
In case you do not have access to such a printer, then you should pay a visit to the local print shop. This way you can be sure that you will find all the help you need with getting the right design and printing the banner. In fact, many printer shops nowadays are offering templates and designs suitable for any kind of business. Therefore, if you are clueless about what banner you should choose for your fence, then you can get a great idea simply by browsing through the offers of the printer shops.

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